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The „Gamification of eco-friendly habits in adult education” (GoBeEco) is a Strategic Partnerships for adult education co-financed from the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU.

Reports show there is much to be done to save the natural environment and stop the climate change. Europeans understand the need for changes and are willing to act; they actually take actions but for the real change to appear, these one-time actions must be turned into habits and lifestyles. Education could speed up the process of behavioural change with a solution taking into account the preferences of modern learners, who like to learn using dynamic, self-directed, continuous, online learning opportunities. Such a solution needs to be accompanied by educators' digital skills development to be effective.

Taking into account the above mentioned, Partners want to implement a project that has the following objectives:

  • Change of behaviours of adult learners and educators regarding ecology through the change of individual preferences, consumption habits and lifestyles
  • Development of educators digital competencies in education so they are able to inspire learners to create behavioural changes in ecological habits and to educate them on the best possible ways to do so
  • Providing educators with methodology to enable them to develop digital-resources-based curricula on the basis of using gamification for green skills and pro-eco attitudes.

3 groups of participants will take part in the development of intellectual outputs: educators of adults (partners’ and external), adult learners and Partners’ staff. At least 175 adult learners and educators will participate in IOs development activities and 13 educators from Partner’s organisations will participate in the LTTA activity.

Project IOs will be developed and tested by partners, educators and learners coming from 3 countries, 3 different economies and different backgrounds – this will guarantee flexibility that will allow every educator or learner from any country to use it.

Partners planned several needs analysis, IOs development, testing and piloting activities while involving various target groups. To provide high quality results, partners will also participate in 5 transnational meetings and “Ecoeducation and Gamification” workshop.

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