In the last phase of the project, each project partner organized various ME events where educator and adult learner had the opportunity to learn about the results of the GoBeEco project. Both project outputs, the Gobeeco Gamification and the Digital Edu Skills Handbook, were presented in a practical way. Gamification aims to change habits towards ecology in the long term by participating in interesting missions and tasks. The handbook includes interesting, ready-made lesson plans for ecological activities and more. Both tools offer a huge amount of knowledge, interesting facts and quizzes about how we can take better care of our planet.


5 th TPM in Berlin 13-14 th of February

The last project meeting which took place on 13-14th of February in Berlin resulted in a summary of the completed results of the GoBeEco gamification and handbook. As part of the meeting on the first day, we visited the impressive Futurium Museum, where we asked ourselves questions about the near future and possible eco-solutions. On the second day, according to the agenda, we very intensively and effectively discussed the IO1 Evaluation, which was moderated by Paiz Consulting. The issues that should be included in the evaluation of this result were discussed, and we talked about the plan to implement the next steps. In the next item led by FHM, we discussed the IO2/A8 Evaluation Handbook in Local Languages, an evaluation questionnaire was proposed and everyone established a standardized version. In the next topic led by all partners, the dissemination of the project and the work plan for posting on FB, newsletter and dissemination events for each partner was discussed in detail. The last topic led by Energie Impulse included proposals for Info Days meetings in each partner country. The meeting was fruitful, all topics were discussed and the next steps in the implementation and completion of all project results were discussed in detail.

4th Transnational Project Meeting, 16th – 17th of May, 2022, Warsaw

TheGoBeEco team met for the fourth Transnational Project Meeting in Warsaw (Poland) on 16th and 17th of May.

These two days were very productive! On the first day, the Consortium took part in upcycling workshops at Centrum Twórcze Przerób-My, where using the decoupage method they gave a second life to already forgotten CDs. On the second day of the meeting, the team discussed the test version of the GoBeEco web-app and brainstormed the graphic side of the Handbook, that is supposed to be a guide to using digital tools in ecological education.

3rd Transnational Project Meeting, 29th – 30th of November, 2021, Wrocław

The GoBEco team met for the 3rd time in Wrocław (Poland) on the 29th and 30th of November 2021.

These two days of meeting were very productive! On the first day, the Consortium visited various solutions and technologies for environmental protection that were created in Wroclaw. The meeting started with a visit to the Hydropolis museum, where the team learned about the local history of water management. After that, the consortium visited the atmospheric water house Odra Centrum which used pro-ecological technologies: heat pump and gray water circulation. In the second and last day of the meeting, the team reunited in the The Granary La Suite Hotel and worked on IO1, an application that facilitates ecological changes in everyday life, through an innovative and creative gamification approach. Besides that, the Consortium discussed about the structure of IO2, the ‘’Digital Edu Skills Handbook’’, and about the next steps for disseminating the project on social networks.

2nd Transnational Project Meeting & Learning, Teaching and Training Activity, 15th – 18th of June, 2021, Porto

From the 15th to the 18th of June, the GoBeEco consortium met in Porto for the LTTA and 2nd Transnational Project Meeting.

The GoBeEco Team was finally able to meet in person and work together face2face! For 4 days we were super productive and created our first prototype for our web application and planned upcoming actions! So be prepared! Our App is on the way!

From the 15th to the 18th of June, the GoBeEco consortium met in Porto for the LTTA (Learning, Teaching and Training Activity) and the 2nd Transnational Meeting of the project. The main objectives were the joint learning and exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices between partners educators regarding methods for pro-ecological habits development, the use of digital technologies and gamification methods in education and the corresponding educational curricula around them. During these days, the team was involved in several activities: a guided visit to the Environmental Education Center of the Porto City Park, practical workshops, and theoretical sessions on the topics relevant to the project. The partners worked very closely with each other and at the end of the week, they had been able to make some significant progress on the planning of the GoBeEco app!

Kick-off meeting, 18th of November, 2020, Zoom

On 18th of November the FHM organised the virtual kick-off meeting Five project partners institutions from Poland, Portugal and Germany met to discuss the 30 month project and its work packages.

On 18th of November the FHM organised the virtual kick-off meeting Five project partners institutions from Poland, Portugal and Germany met to discuss the 30 month project and its work packages. The agenda included the following topics: project overview, the 1st Intellectual Output: GoBeEco Gamification and its development, the Learning, Teaching and Training Activity, the 2nd Intellectual Output: the Handbook “Digital Edu Skills” and its development, dissemination, quality management, project management and administration and definition of the next steps. Partners evaluated the meeting as a successful one.

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