The news shows us daily the effects of our environmentally damaging way of life on our planet. And nevertheless, we tend to do what we have always done. If change should be successful, old habits have to be broken. Complex information on sustainability issues must be made comprehensible and regressive habits must be effectively replaced by new, more sustainable ones. Desired goal of the GoBeco Project is to raise awareness and increase knowledge to change behavior, individual preferences, consumption habits and lifestyles of adult educators and learners in relation to ecology and climate protection.

GoBeEco is a 30-month project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. We are an interdisciplinary team with complementary skills, expertise and competences in pro-ecological education and development of innovative educational tools. Together we have developed gamified educational content on sustainable development and a guide to digitized education in adult education. You can review them under the Results tab.

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