GoBeEco Gamification

Our Gobeeco Gamification is available. Go to register and change your habits to eco-friendly ones.

With the help of the web application, you can change your lifestyle in an environmentally friendly direction in a fun way. GoBeEco Gamification offers users a mix of interestingly presented information about sustainability and a wide range of challenges related to ecology in everyday life. Because of the universal theme of sustainability that affects all aspects of life, GoBeEco Gamification can and should be used by educators and teachers in adult education, vocational training, higher education, and schools.

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Digital Edu Skills Handbook

The Digital Edu Skills Handbook is ready in all languages.

Take a look at the links and learn about green skills and the latest digital tools that can help you in the work environment, at home, during learning and teaching processes.

Digital Edu Skills Handbook German

Digital Edu Skills Handbook Polish

Digital Edu Skills Handbook Portuguese

Digital Edu Skills Handbook English

The goal of the manual is:

  • Harnessing the potential of digital tools to design educational processes that promote competence and education for sustainable development.
  • Provide educators with methods for enriching curricula based on digital resources to develop environmental skills and learning and pro-eco attitude habits.
  • To expand the digital competence of educators in education so that they can inspire learners to create behavioral changes in ecological habits and educate them in the best possible way.

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In the final phase of the project, each project partner organized various events where teachers and adults had the opportunity to learn about the results of the GoBeEco project.
Both of the project’s results, Gobeeco Gamification and Digital Edu Skills Handbook, were presented in a practical way. Gamification aims to change environmental habits in the long term by participating in interesting missions and tasks. The handbook includes interesting, ready-made lesson plans on environmental activities and more.
Both tools offer a huge amount of knowledge, trivia and quizzes on how we can take better care of our planet.
A very interesting summary of both tools were the videos in which the advantages of both results were highlighted.

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