Digital Edu Skills Handbook

The project team is very proud to present the finalized Digital Edu Skills Handbook to all interested parties. The handbook is available in four languages. You are working in the field of adult education and looking for innovative teaching methods? You want to introduce the topic of sustainability into your curriculum and need inspiration for this? You want new input for your work as a trainer? Then you will find exactly these topics compiled in a compact and appealing way in the GoBeEco Handbook.

The Handbook contains a curricula built around GoBeEco Gamification and others for teaching pro-ecological habits using digital technologies (the number will depend on the number of valuable digital pro-ecological learning solutions found by Partners). The curricula will not only focus on knowledge provision but mostly on encouraging adult learners to actively seek knowledge. The Handbook contains a library of examples, ideas, good practices and digital tools available online for pro-eco habits development – a resource that none of the partners or previewed educators have found so far. It includes a section with tests for educators to check their knowledge of innovative teaching methods and digital tools as well as methods for skills and knowledge assessment – drivers of improvement in lifelong learning.


By working with the handbook, educators can:

• Enhance their skills in designing sustainability education activities with digital tools

• Access tailor‐made methods with digital resource‐based curricula

• Improve the eco skills of their learners and themselves

• Enhance their digital competences

• Break old behavioural patterns and integrate more eco‐friendly attitudes and habits

• Inspire their learners to live more sustainably

• Promote education for sustainable development

The Handbook will be useful for other groups of educators eg. coaches, mentors, working with VET, with youth or with university students; the curricula and methodology used to design them can be used as a benchmark for a wide selection of educational goals and audiences eg. soft skills development, on the job trainings, safety procedures, attitude development– any topic where adequate digital learning resources could be found and applied and where mobile learning with fun aspect is an advantage. Educators will be able to apply the educational process learnt in the Handbook when working with all available applications for mobile devices that appear on the market.


The Handbook contains a library of examples, ideas, best practices and digital tools available online for developing pro‐ecological habits. It also has a section with tests for educators to check their knowledge of innovative teaching methods and digital tools, as well as methods for assessing their students’ skills and knowledge.

Links to the Digital Edu Skills Handbooks in different languages. You can find links to Digital Skills Handbooks in various languages on our website in the top menu.
Download the manual in the language of your choice and enjoy the knowledge you have gained !

The GoBeEco Handbook is is openly accessible on the project website. The user can freely decide whether to work with the classic pdfs or with the interactive flipbooks. It is accessible under the Creative Commons Attribution- ShareAlike International (CC BY-SA) license, which allows free use, distribution, modification, and adaptation of materials by others. The licenses require a reference to the creator, which is defined as „GoBeEco Strategic Partnership under the Erasmus+ program.” It is designed to be offered as OER for unrestricted use by third parties.“

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