Energie Impuls OWL (DE)

Energie Impuls OWL is a private, independent business network, with over 120 active mem-bers, including companies, universities and other NGOs, to name a few. The organization and its members have been successful in increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources for 19 years. Our main goal is to provide and coordinate knowledge to facilitate the transition to green energy and sustainability. To achieve this, we promote the increased use of future energy sources and help to develop them in cooperation with many other part-ners. Through our knowledge in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, we also offer consulting services in the field of energy efficiency management. Furthermore, we par-ticipate in many projects of other companies on this topic. Here we have the task of involving civil society, industrial partners, regional networks and regional energy companies.

There are many opportunities and instruments to address different actors in the energy and sustainability sector and to draw attention to the various tasks for climate protection through sustainable energy systems. So we also bring this topic into the political discussion.

For example, by leading interdisciplinary workshops with representatives from politics, uni-versities, companies and other partners to promote the energy sector. We organize on-site visits and meetings with stakeholders in the companies. Through the LEEN system (learning energy efficiency network, in which companies learn from each other and in exchange with each other). This system is now implemented in more than 50 companies. We document the results here and work on supplementary, future questions.

We organize conferences, network regional committees and initiatives and thus facilitate structured cooperation. In cooperation with consultants, scientists, and business enterprises, we develop research questions and business projects, for example on the rational use of en-ergy and the development of circular value creation.

We work in the field of green building solutions. (e.g. the Herford Building Forum OWL, a con-gress dealing with green energy for buildings) and in various educational projects. Through our relationships with universities, companies, and the Association of German Engineers (VDI), we create training opportunities for the next generation of skilled workers, because we need new ideas and innovations for the sustainable and efficient use of future energies.

One of our favorite projects is a hands-on project for the young generation. The Bobby Car Solar Cup: We give young teams of students from schools in OWL (region) the task of planning, developing and constructing an electrically powered Bobby Car in cooperation with numerous exciting companies. In the end, technical creativity, teamwork and craftsmanship are what counts. The carefully examined criteria are evaluated by a jury. It is an exciting project which ends in a big race like the famous Formula 1. Last year, this project was awarded the German Solar Prize, which demonstrates our commitment to climate protection as well as our educa-tional work.

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